A warning

My parents are not particularly internet-savvy, so when my mum asks for help to insure the cars at home, I usually do the GoCompare.com thing for them. This time, mum said to go with the cheapest quote which included breakdown insurance. Mistake. The quote was for One Call insurance. OMG!

For those of you reading this, please note this company is NOT worth wasting your energy or your fingernails on your keyboard.

The website is a con. You get a quote, you agree to it, fill out your payment details and the next screen commits you to an extra fee, that you can’t ‘escape’ from without paying the extra. You complain and hey presto they don’t respond. You can’t get anyone on the phone, they don’t respond to email and you can’t get any response via the mail.

Then out of the blue (15 days after the initial contact,er, yes, one day past the legal cooling off period) they send you an email to say your documents are on the way…but you’ll have to pay extra for printed versions.

Try to cancel and they charge you the extra fee that they lumped on anyway!



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