Let me focus your mind…

Like every office environment, there are challenges with each and every day. Since the beginning of the year my office has had its fair share of issues to deal with. Nothing insurmountable. Some funnier than annoying. And then there’s the odd one that just infuriates, until you see the the funny side.

Since Christmas my boss has been sick. I’m now in the ‘firing line’ according to the CMO – not a phrase I’m particularly fond of – managing my team and doing some of the boss’s work too. Earlier this week I got an email from a salesman – a particularly arrogant one at that. The email wasn’t a request, it was a demand for my attention. It just so happened that I was in meetings for two days solid and did not respond other than to say I would have someone from my team call him.

He left me a snotty voicemail.

He sent a snotty email to the team member who I’d asked to follow up with him. Then, I got the idiot on the phone. I was pleasant, though short with him. His arrogance did not stop. At one point during the phone call (after I got the details I needed) he said ‘Let me focus your mind for you, I’m negotiating a £2m deal with xxxx customer and working on my request is the most  important thing you will do this week’. My response was simple –  ‘right’ and then I hit the end call button.

What a complete idiot. Why do salesmen have this inflated view of themselves?

I’ll see his salesman tag and raise him a ‘head of dept’. (er, yes, that’s me, but he doesn’t know it yet).

I later had a chat with someone else in the company about this man’s attitude and was told about an incident which would ‘focus your mind further’. His girlfriend was removed from the hotel pool area at president’s club last year – because she was drunk, and pole dancing infront of the entire company, their wives and children. And the next night, the same woman was doing handstands in a satin gown, which of course fell down to reveal her lingerie…


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