Consultant visit

Today I met a new consultant about a long-standing health issue. Unlike my GP (all three GPs from the surgery in the village), the consultant examined me, went through my medical history with a fine tooth comb and listened when I told him of the side-effects I experience with the drugs prescribed by my GP. Immediately, he offered other alternatives and didn’t try to convince me to go down the drugs route.

The end result is surgery. No, don’t frown. It’s not unexpected. In fact, I kind of thought it would be the option he proposed. I’m not worried by it, in fact, last time I had surgery ‘things’ were a lot easier and more acceptible to live with for quite a while.

The thing that made me frown was around the subject of conception. Babies. Specifically – me having children. Apparently, it is still an option – despite being told years ago that the window for me was a narrow window (and would have closed years ago).

Dazed, confused, shocked, stunned, emotional and numb.

Where to now?