Reunion & things

Working for my previous company, and then myself for a while, I didn’t really appreciate how much free time I had. Now, my day starts early, I drive for an hour, spend a few too many hours at the office, drive for an hour – workout, cook, and then, if I’m lucky, do some housework/watch tv/read a couple of emails before I collapse into bed. And then the whole routine starts again.

Where do i find time for email, friends, socialising, decorating, proper housework, let alone gardening, ironing, washing or just chilling out?

Good question.

I have been fortunate enough to take a day off recently to meet up with some friends from uni days. What a fantastic ‘reunion’. Only a few of us – but great nonetheless. Some other halves missing, for various reasons, including an impending arrival (Good luck D & G), step kids weekends, and it being simply too far to travel. The day included four of the next generation – who in most cases just entertained us all. Though there were tears.

thanks to B’ski & B for putting me up and hosting the bash on Sunday! Much appreciated!

In one weekend I drove 1200 miles – to see my parents, to the reunion, and back to Stirling for lunch with G & L. In some ways it was a bit of a nostalgia trip – driving by the Meadow Park, which is now called ‘the Med’ according to a sign outside, past the University, and around the old haunts. How it’s changed. We went to the Birds and Bees for lunch. 20 years ago, it was a bit of a student haunt – a bit dark and not the type of place you would take your kids for lunch. Today, it’s got a bit of an upmarket feel with a menu to reflect that. I was impressed. I even got chatted up at the bar until the guy jumped to the conclusion that G’s daughter was mine… You gotta laugh at that.   As G approached me ready to leave – the poor chap then asked whether I knew of places he could take his wife for their anniversary. Bless.

So, life is busy. But, life is generally good. I think.


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