Business Trips

It looks like I’m going to travel with my new job. I’m looking forward to it. Rumour has it, my first ‘real’ trip will be Seattle. There’s some big software company there, a big partner of ours, that I have to go meet. 

I’m a wee bit excited at the prospect of travelling again. And, a rather big bit of me is excited at the idea of getting to go visit some very special friends in Ballard. Yay!

Fingers crossed it will all happen and I’ll get to me little ‘L’ and her Mummy & Daddy.


A few weeks back I stripped the wallpaper off the bedroom walls. It was awful. I’d painted above the dado rail, and done the ceiling when I first moved in, but I didn’t quite get around to getting rid of the wallpaper. Until now. That lovely (read disgusting), trendy (read 70’s Laura Ashley wannabe), beige paper with red triangles is gone. Halleluja. 

Friday night, I sanded & washed the walls and Saturday I did two coats of neutral – Antique cream (magnolia) and two coats of iced gem (pink). And the bedroom is transformed. Yay.

So, today I find my arms aching where normally they wouldn’t. I can’t work out whether that’s from all the sanding, washing, painting/rollering or whether it’s from playing on the Wii – between coats of paint.

Oh hum.

All that’s left is to do all of the gloss work upstairs. Oh, and the study downstairs. Glad it’s not too much 😦