Jade’s legacy

Unfortunately, Jade Goody lost her battle with cancer and died in the early hours this morning – Mothers’ Day. Her legacy will be to save the lives of many women previously unaware of the dangers of not getting screened regularly for cervical cancer.

Whether you loved or hated the reality star, you have to admire her desire to lead everyone through the pain of her struggle with cancer. Her drive to make us aware of what it means to leave symptoms undetected, of getting regular screening and also of the results was amazing.

Living with cancer in the public eye – with every move examined, discussed and analysed was an admirable decision, especially with such a young family in the background. Her legacy of awareness will benefit the wider public. Her courage and determination will be remembered.

The BBC reports here on what they call “The Goody Effect”.


I was brought up in Scotland, and as a result had my first screening at the age of 19 – while at university. I’ve been for screening (at least) every year since then. It’s just part of the routine. I don’t get a letter, I don’t get called up, but I make an appointment and I go. My reasons and desire to be ‘safe’ are driven by the knowledge that my mother had a ‘scare’ before my sister was born. I  also have a history of gynae problems – so for me – Jade’s case is really sad. But there are millions of girls/women out there who haven’t had the same experiences and who will now hopefully learn from Jade’s tragic story.

One thought on “Jade’s legacy

  1. judging by the medical aftershock of Goody’s passing, it sounds like she might have inadvertently made a long-term difference for cancer prevention in the U.K.

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