Last nights’ ‘Friday Night with Jonathon Ross’ featured Stephen Fry (as well as Tom Cruise and Lee Evans). During the conversation between Ross and Fry, they mentioned Twitter…the micro-blogging website. @Wossy as he’s known on Twitter and @stephenfry discussed it briefly (according to their Tweet, it was edited down). This morning the Telegraph has a feature about Twitter (, and it seems a wave of new Twitterers joined the phenomenon last night.

I’ve been using Twitter for a while. I have Tiny Twitter on my Windows Mobile. I get it. Most people don’t. Well, not at first. And then comes the addiction.

This morning I’ve discovered there’s a whole new group of people and with a different agenda to their Tweets…”The Thanks for Following” crowd. They collect followers apparently…

I follow people I find interesting, or who Tweet in a funny or thought-provoking way. I follow friends because I’m interested in the friend. I don’t follow people to add numbers to my followers. Maybe I would if I were trying to compete with say @stephenfry or @wossy, but I’m not.

Twitter etiquette is going to be interesting as the number of users grow…
Here’s what one Twitter member says about his Tweeting  

Apparently I could add my Tweets to my blog, and to my Facebook and I could promote my LinkedIn…but, I’m not really sure I want to do that. At the moment Twitter, FB and LI are different communities of contacts…friends, business associates, casual acquaintances…but not all in one place…separate, discreet communities. Am I wrong? Am I missing the point?

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