Busy month ahead

The month is crazy and we’re just over halfway through. Work is pretty good at the moment – there’s been a bit of a change in the team dynamic, but I think for the long term it’s progress. I’m helping the CEO recruit a full-time marketing manager to replace me (part-time, temporary). I think there’s a lot of scope for a great person to make the most of the opportunity, but it’s going to take a special person to fit in with the team.

Today I’m taking the cats for their annual health check…deep joy! They hate it. Injections, thermometers in places they don’t normally acknowledge and a thorough examination by someone very strong. 

Before the beginning of next month I need to replace the rear tyres on the BMW – deep joy again.

And, then, I am starting a new job. Wow. Redundancy is still fresh in the mind, but I’ve had some good luck.

It’s exciting.

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