All the talk, all the news, every media outlet is talking recession. It’s affecting many of us already. The BBC has headlines of repossessions going up by 71% – and it’s scary. Yes, it’s very scary. But, how much of what we hear is scare-mongering talk? How much of the downturn is being influenced by the media and our response to its doom and gloom?? You have to wonder.

I’ve had three valuations done on my house in recent weeks (remortgaging as my deal is just about to expire) and none of them have been satisfactory!

According to the first one, my house is worth a few £k less than I paid for it two years ago. According to the second, it’s worth nearly £30k less than I paid. And according to the third? Well, I don’t know, because he wouldn’t tell me anything – he has to provide his figure to the bank. So,here I sit, waiting patiently for the news.

I wouldn’t accept the second valuation, as the surveyor didn’t actually come to the house, he just looked on the internet for “similar” properties as reference points. All of those properties he used as example prices, were smaller than mine, did not have the outdoor space I have, nor did they have the double glazing (that I installed) and both are next to the railway line – mine is not.

Today’s valuation was OK. He was here for much longer than the first and wanted to know a lot more about the space. Is that a positive sign…pah? Who knows.