Positive Signs?

The last 8-10 weeks have seen very little to laugh about, but with a bit of positive news in the last couple of days, I’m starting to see the funny side of what’s happened/happening.

Gran’s funding has finally been allocated. Next Friday, the Granster will move to her new home in Yorkshire. I haven’t seen her for a few weeks, but apparently this news has resulted in her being more upbeat, and so much happier than she has been in a long time. For my mum the news has been well received, even though she’s going to miss gran terribly. She’s really pleased that gran finally gets her wish to be nearer the extended family. Christmas seems to be taken care of too, with Aunty S. taking control of the arrangements to ensure gran isn’t on her own at all during the period. Had plans been complete, we would have been there to take Gran with us to mum & dad’s new place at the coast…but that’s not going to happen, not this year at least.

So, mum, sis and her BF left me on Thursday to journey back up North. Sis was dreading the temperature difference…of all things. Here it’s averaging 13-16 during the day…there, they have snow and minus temperatures. It’s a big leap from the summer time she thought she’d face in NZ!

What of NZ? Well, her BF still awaits news. Sis still wants to go. Who knows what will happen there…?

I mentioned the funny side…well, every time I think of the hospital incident I think of morphine and how it took away the pain in an instant. My sister was high on morphine…her face, her mood, the manner in which she spoke were all affected by morphine and now I can look back, it was funny. And the nurse who gave her the morphine as so funny. There were other really funny incidents to do with pain meds and where they had to be administered, but you’d have to know my sis to understand why it’s all so funny.

And, now that I’m on my own again in the house, the cats roam free…but, I’m three mugs, and one glass down – victims of a stressful few weeks. I have to find replacements for the mugs sooner rather than later. I also need to restock my beer cider, vodka, whisky, wine, & soup supplies. They seemed to just evaporate during the last few weeks.

So what next?
I guess time will tell, but I hope the signs are positive for everyone.

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