No news…?

Well, the rollercoaster ride seems never-ending.

My gran is still in hospital, funding yet to be allocated. For gran, who doesn’t understand the reasons she’s in hospital, it’s like a living hell, while she waits to move to her new home. Cruel to be kind…really…but so hard on gran and mum – in so many ways. Mum’s like a tortured soul over the whole thing.

Sis and her BF are still with me. The NZ embassy have not yet called with news of his work permit – good or bad – there’s no news. In the meantime, sis has been very ill. Three different visits to doctors, nurses, x-ray and hospital resulted in no diagnosis. It took her to be SERIOUSLY ill for anything to change. We spent the day in A & E – from early morning to early afternoon – where sis received a cocktail of pain killers to ease the most horrendous pain I’ve ever witnessed anyone suffer. Ibuprofen, Codeine, paracetamol, tramadol and finally, a little bit of pain free living with morphine. Yes, morphine. She was finally admitted to a ward in the late afternoon after being seen by no less than six doctor’s, five of them surgeons and various nurses. 

24-hrs later, mum had arrived (driven through the night to get here) and sis was on the operating table. 

Thankfully, sis is making a great recovery, but as she’s had surgery and needs a consult in two months, she won’t be able to travel to NZ after all. What does that mean for her and her BF? Well, as there’s no news from the embassy, they too are living in limbo.

So, the rollercoaster is getting faster, right?

I wrote recently about “the Glen” and how the family home was sold? Well, it’s not. The buyers have pulled out. Or rather, not pulled out, they don’t want to pay the fair market value for the house. 

What can I do to help? Nothing, I’m as good as useless. 
This situation…this rollercoaster just won’t stop to let them get off. And, they need to get off. Soon.


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