3bts – sunshine, break, and stress-free

It’s been a while since I’ve done a 3bts…so, bear with me a little bit longer…but here’s an attempt!

  1. An unexpected sunny day in October and spending it with my sis walking around Avebury
  2. Getting to spend quality time with someone special after a break – and realising how much you missed them.
  3. The fantastic atmosphere at the concert blows away all negative thoughts and stresses. Yay!

Queen & Paul Rodgers at the 02

13 October 2008


20,000 people rocking with the kings of rock. The old Queen numbers, some numbers from Paul Rodgers and the new Queen numbers from the album. What a stunning back catalog to choose from in order to lift the roof off the O2.

What an atmosphere. What a venue. What a band. What a show. And what a voice!!  Paul Rodgers has an awesome voice, with a range that just surpasses all expectation. The voice together with a superb stage presence made for a fantastic gig.

From start to finish the whole band seemed to be having a fantastic time. Jamie and Spike seemed to be winding each other up and having a good laugh all the way through…just as happy and carefree as when they play the local village hall in Surrey.

If you have tickets for the gig on the 7th November – lucky you. You’re going to have a great time!

Oh, and the set list can be seen at http://brianmay.com/whatsnew.html