Warning: Breville JK64 Kettle

Two years ago boyfriend and I got new homes. As part of the whole moving experience, we bought kettles. We ended up with the same model – because we wanted the same “filter” feature. Two years on and my BF has replaced his kettle with a newer model. Today I replaced mine with a different brand (same filter function).

The reason? Both kettle bases have been burned through. The wiring at the base of the kettle has actually melted and burned the plastic and is burning the electric component base. OMG. What a nightmare.

The brand: Breville
The model: JK64

I contacted customer services about the fact two kettles have done exactly the same thing and this is the reply:

We are in receipt of your email with reference to the unit


 Yours is an exceptional case, but as you will no doubt appreciate we are unable to comment on the failure without having the opportunity to fully inspect the unit, if you wish to return it to the address below for exploratory purposes, and we will be pleased to advise you on our findings..


Whilst it may be of little consolation to you in this instance, we can refer to many hundreds of thousands of the same constructional configurations, which are providing satisfactory service, and we regret that your experience is contrary to the norm.


We extend our apologies on behalf of Pulse Home Products for the problems you have experienced and any inconvenience caused to your good self.


Pulse Home Products Ltd

Vine Mill

Middleton Rd





Kind Regards

Customer Service

Hmmm. Send them my unit, at my expense, and meanwhile get a new kettle. Great example of customer service in the UK.

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