“A Watched Pot…”

they say it never boils…

Well, working in our tight little office is kind of similar. Each of us is waiting for the call to the boss’ office to announce redundancies. Everytime your name is called out, you think “this is it”. But, while the indications are there, and the boss has mentioned to me that “it’s inevitable” the waiting is torture. None of us want to be let go, none of us want to be forced by someone else’s timeframe, but here we are…waiting.

I’m looking (ya, of course). Trying to set up interviews where and when I can. But, as we know there’s a global credit crisis and who’s first to go? The marketing team. With a lot of good talent available right now, it’s a “buyers” market out there.  So, wish me luck. And wish my colleagues good luck as we try to get through another few days of hell.


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