Another Wee Bit of Good News?

The interest rate has been dropped by the Bank of England. As someone in the middle of a re-mortgage I’m hoping that this rate change will be adopted by my mortgage lender as soon as possible… I’m sure there are many other people in similar situations, so lots of you will understand.

But, that’s where it stops really. My sis and her boyfriend are still waiting. There are another few days before the end of the ’10-working days’, but it’s agonising for them. Every day wasted is costing them money. It’s a bit of a nightmare for them both.

And, Mum’s just had a bit of a blow from the so-called ‘buyers’ of their house. We’ll see what happens from here on in, but Mum needs to be strong. Very strong in the face of the rubbish being thrown her way today. And Dad, wee Doody (as my sis would say), he’s very quiet. He just wants the next phase of their life to start and it’s still on hold.

I’m looking forward to them being able to do holidays when they want (make the most of this nightmare timeshare I have), play golf, do tango lessons (my dad…hmmm…maybe not), do pottery classes or whatever!!

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