8 Weeks Recovery Time

It seems that the past few weeks have been filled with drama, emotion and bad news. This week has been no exception. My cousins received some bad news about an Uncle, my sister isn’t in NZ, my Mum is still not doing too good and my Gran is still in hospital. So, to add to the doom and gloom the financial market crashes when I’m trying to remortgage and get a good deal, I find out the pain in my hand is a stress fracture, and it looks like our company is about to “suffer losses”. Oh deep joy.

According to the hospital my stress fracture will take a minimum of 8 weeks to recover. During that time, no golf, no Concept II, no lifting, etc. etc. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwah! Not good. I’m hoping though, that 8-weeks will be a good marker for there to be some other “recovery time”. Has it started already…?

Yesterday, we had a little bit of good news. The Gran is going to get her wish. In two weeks she will move back to Yorkshire and will be safe and secure. Everything as it should be…? Mum’s missing Gran already. After 22 years of having Gran in the home – it’s a big rift for her, a big hole.

Even so, I sincerely hope that this is a turning point. That we (the family) can start to recover during the 8 weeks…that Mum finds herself again and that things become normal (whatever ‘normal’ is). 

A little bit of good news goes a long way, so let’s just make sure we get little pieces of good news regularly, no matter how small, it all counts.

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