I’ve played a number of times recently, and I think I’m finally getting used to the new clubs. My short game is improving well – which I’m really pleased about, as I was worried about the weight of the new PW.

Last night I finished a round at our local 9-hole course with a cracking shot off the tee with my 3-wood, followed by another cracking shot with my new utility to within 5 meters of the green. I then chipped onto the green for what looked like an easy putt into the hole. Ahem. Wrong. I missed the putt. What should have been a par on the last was a bogey, but I’ll take that. 😉

This weekend we’re heading out to another new course. Hopefully, I’ll not find it as tough as Pitlochry!

I haven’t been that gym much recently, but I did play golf Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Does that count? I’m just dreading the next few weeks, as there won’t be an opportunity to play during the week anymore. Already the light is fading by the time you get to the 9th tee…so, back to the gym then?

Boo hoo!

One thought on “Golfage

  1. I happen to come across your Blog and caught what you say about Golf. Your addicted to the game, hugh? Well, I have almost the same problem. I play here as much as I can or when I can afford the Green Fees.

    Golf can get rather on the expensive side, depending on which Course you play. I tend to stay with the cheaper one’s that are nice to play, but at a reasonable price. We have a number of these around here, but also have some rather expensive Course’s.

    Although I’m not real good at playing the Game, I still enjoy getting out there. Just to hit the ball good a few times, still keeps me comming back for more. I’m working on my swing, putting, and just about everything else.

    I hope that you enjoy your Game, as I do. Stay well.

    Les (Reading, PA USA)

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