I’ve played a number of times recently, and I think I’m finally getting used to the new clubs. My short game is improving well – which I’m really pleased about, as I was worried about the weight of the new PW.

Last night I finished a round at our local 9-hole course with a cracking shot off the tee with my 3-wood, followed by another cracking shot with my new utility to within 5 meters of the green. I then chipped onto the green for what looked like an easy putt into the hole. Ahem. Wrong. I missed the putt. What should have been a par on the last was a bogey, but I’ll take that. 😉

This weekend we’re heading out to another new course. Hopefully, I’ll not find it as tough as Pitlochry!

I haven’t been that gym much recently, but I did play golf Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Does that count? I’m just dreading the next few weeks, as there won’t be an opportunity to play during the week anymore. Already the light is fading by the time you get to the 9th tee…so, back to the gym then?

Boo hoo!

Look Out New Zealand

My sister’s coming back.

Flights are booked, plans have been made and on the 28th of this month, sis and her BF are flying back to NZ to start afresh.

Best of luck to them both! I shall miss her being readily available – but, will look forward to hearing of her new adventures in life, of her BF’s exploits rafting, and hopefully, visiting next year.

Update on Gran

Total confusion it seems is becoming the norm. She asked yesterday how her mother was. My mother had to remind Gran that she is actually 88 and that her own mother has been gone for some time.

It’s hard. So very hard.

I sent flowers to the hospital, because I live too far away to visit. Gran loved them. I sure she would have appreciated chocolates more, but they are not allowed because of her ill health. I’ll send her some of her favourite Green & Blacks Maya Gold when she’s well again.

Family arrive for a visit tomorrow. She doesn’t know yet. I’m just hoping she recognises them and doesn’t do the “who are you” thing.