More Films

1. Juno – 3.5/5

Don’t think about this one too much. Watch it for a laugh, without BF in tow. It’s a chick flick. A good laugh for an hour or so. The main character – Juno – is very funny. I look forward to seeing the actress take on different roles in the future.

2. 27 Dresses – 3.5/5

Katherine Heigl in another chickflick/comedy about a girl who is always the bridesmaid and never the bride. A very predictable storyline unfolds as the film prgresses. Like the earlier film, it’s a chick flick (sense a theme here…?). Another where you leave the BF at home, disengage brain, and just laugh.

3. Tin Cup – 4/5

Kostner & Russo in a movie about playing golf. It’s worth watching for a laugh, to see Kostner hit those shots, to see the familiar golf pros of today, as fresh-faced golfers of yesterday and because…yes, just because.

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