Golf again :-)

I did it. Friday, Am Golf was doing a special on a set of ladies intermediate irons…so I took the plunge and ditched my starter set of irons. Down at the range after the purchase, I worked up through the new set comparing them to my old irons – net result – longer & straighter! Yay. If only it were that easy on the golf course…? However, I only bought a set of irons, so trying my old woods (from the starter package) left me out in the cold. Slice after slice after slice. Yuck. What would become of my much-loved 3-wood??? Answer: special promotion at Am Golf on a Taylormade Ladies Hybrid… Ouch, expensive weekend behind me, just one golf game (9-holes) and I’m itching to get out and play 18-holes!

So, how did I do?

Not so good. The PW is much heavier than my old PW and I need to practice the ‘bump and run’ and ‘punch’ shots that I favour around the greens. My short game was pretty good – on Saturday, unfamiliarity led to a rubbish short game. Putting being my only consistent.

With a gap in traffic on the course, I did take my new Taylormade off the tee at the ninth and hit a cracking shot down the right hand side. Happy I’d hit it well, my BF suggested hitting my new 4-iron – well, what a shot that was…straight down the fairway. I followed that with a 5-iron which, unfortunately, hit the branches of the trees…(rather lucky as it was heading for the clubhouse at that point).

Am I happy? I will be if I can achieve my course best tomorrow.

Next? Join the ladies club so that I can get myself a handicap…eeek!

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