My BF wanted a couple of specifc things for his birthday – one of them a set of golf clubs. So, we went out and got a new set of clubs last weekend, since then, he’s taken 7 shots of his previous best. Wow. Fantastic to see the difference, fantastic to try the clubs ( a wee bit heavy for me, but still managed to hit them quite a bit further than my own)… So, at what point do I replace my clubs for something better…? Should I be considering replacing mine?

And, what happens if BF gets so much better than me…will it mean he just gets bored playing with me and our other “not so good” friends who play? think I need to get a few more rounds in – quickly!

On another note, went to a great birthday party last night. It was a great night – fantastic company, wonderful atmosphere and lovely to catch up with many familiar faces. Only slight irritation was around some good friends that weren’t there. It left me feeling a little cold to think that there’s a big issue there, but my gut tells me it’s a much bigger issue than I hoped it would be.

I can’t help feeling a little sad about it.


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