Lots of golf

Played three times over the weekend – same course, different days.




But, we’ll still go back for more.

Saturday was a pretty good round for me – but lacked any consistency in my play. I managed par on two holes, and did ok on a couple of others, but was let down by a couple of bad tee shots. My 3-wood is clearly the the club of the day…though closely followed by my 7-iron.

Yesterday was an ok round for me until the 9th where I completely lost it. Was it standing on the tee thinking “all you have to do is bogey this hole”…and that was it…kiss of death?

The big improvement for me seems to be in my short game. I am playing more consistent around the greens. I’m one and two putting – a huge improvement! And, my pitching is better than ever, though it seems I’ve developed a bad habit of knocking the ball out of the back of the green on the longer shots…

My tee shots have improved, but not on every tee 😦

At what point do I start thinking about an “improver” set of clubs rather than the beginners package I currently have?

SemiPro (I think that’s what it was called)

Billed as a comedy with Will Ferrell as it’s leading man…I would recommend you avoid this film. I thought it would be ‘ok’ as an entertaining laugh…I fell asleep, probably somewhere in the first half hour. I also read the Radio Times, and competed some of the puzzles at the back of the magazine before I fell asleep – the film was that good.

The rating:

0/5 – avoid…seriously.