Recently, I’ve seen a number of films at the cinema. Here are my views:

Wanted – 4/5

Bit of a rollercoaster ride with lots of action and unbelievable stories. A good watch on the big screen – not sure how well it will translate to the TV screen at home.

Mamma Mia – 3/5

What can I say? This is such a funny film. Beware, it’s a chick flick, so guys, just don’t bother. Ladies be warned, your views of Pierce Brosnan may change once you hear him sing. Overall, a real giggle.

Hancock – 3/5

Hmmm. For the first hour, this is hilariously funny, to the point that the cinema audience is laughing out loud. Then, not sure why, but the tempo changes, as does the storyline and it’s as though someone has taken two completely different plots and glued them together – unsuccessfully. Wil Smith as the drunk super hero is fantastic – a good DVD to rent if you want to laugh, and you’re prepared for the shift half way through.


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