A helping hand?

A friend of mine has been really struggling lately to get to grip with her weight. She’s just had a mountain of things to worry about, and being the person she is, she’s forgotten to take care of herself. Like a lot of us, when others are in need, we neglect our own needs & wants, to the point that it’s a shock when crisis over, we feel under the weather or worse.

This particular friend is an amazing person and I hate to see when she’s not in top form. Yesterday, I asked her for help (bit of a cunning plan really). She responded immediately, saying of course she’ll help. The plan is simple, I told her (the truth) that I’d had a bad weekend and that I needed some support this week. She’s rallied round and we’ve challenged each other to get back on track and get sorted out.

I’m hoping it works.

For me, last night it involved an hour and a half on Wii Fit. I would have gone out cycling, but I’m a fair-weather cyclist and it was chucking it down. I don’t mean it was heavy rain, it was, but it was as though someone just left a tap running. The bark on next door’s garden got washed away, and (thankfully I live on a hill), but the roads in the bottom of the village suffered from flooding. It’s July! This time last year, I was out running every night after work!

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