Getting organised

I spent some time updating photos on flickr tonight. I only uploaded about 20 in total, but it was good to makeĀ a start. None of the shots have been edited, but they are some of my favourites from recent activities. In particular it’s people’s facial expressions, especially their reactions to a specific event, activity or situation around them.

3BTs – photos, first, sunshine

  1. At a party on Saturday BF and I took approximately 200 photos of everything and everyone. I had a great time looking through them, deciding which to send to others, which to delete etc. But, most of all seeing the very different facial expressions.
  2. My first rose appeared this morning – not quite unfurled, but just bursting with colour and perfume. Gorgeous Blue Moon – with more buds to burst in the coming weeks I will watch as the garden explodes in shades of pink and purple.
  3. I love driving to work with the roof down on days where the sun is shining bright from the moment I step out of my front door. It might not actually be warm (it was a chilly 15 degrees in the car), but it’s still the best way to wake up!