Bon Jovi Concert

St. Mary’s Stadium, Southampton

One word: awesome

Four words: out of this world

Bon Jovi really do rock. Richie, Jon and the crew really know how to rock a stadium. With 95% of the audience on its feet for the whole event, singing, shouting, clapping, toe-tapping and jumping in time to the music – it was an amazing atmosphere. (BTW: what’s with the people who sit through the whole thing, not singing, not dancing and seemingly getting annoyed with the rest of us? Why bother going…).

The set list for last night is here:

It was just like a “Best of Bon Jovi” concert. They played for two hours, but I would happily have stayed and listened to them play for another two hours…Only a few songs from the new album, but some great “classic Bon Jovi” hits to keep the toes tapping.

As it started raining Jon looked up at the sky and said “Hey, it wouldn’t be a Bon Jovi concert if it didn’t rain.” Cool.

Jon sang Duffy’s hit “Mercy” at which the stadium just erupted…
Richie played at least 10 different guitars, leaving my partner with “guitar-envy”…lol.

I want to see the band again. I’m currently trying to get tickets to see them in Glasgow on the 21st…(with The Feeling as support).

The support act last night…well, there’s another story! Let’s just say it must have been very intimidating to get on stage in front of 35,000 people when you’re used to playing at venues of 100 people…

P.S. The stadium…brilliant venue! Emirates sucks in comparison. Everything was better.
P.P.S. It was nice to meet up with DCA after 25 years! Good gig huh?

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