For various reasons I’ve been having acupuncture for a few years now. Initially I went once a week to get a particular health issue under control (this is after several varied attempts by the GP (drugs, surgery etc.) to rectify the problem) and for the most part it’s been fantastic. I say for the most part, because there are times when I don’t get to see the therapist and the old symptoms reappear…not as intense, but still there.

I recently had a disagreement with my doctor, who again wants me to take drugs to alleviate symptoms, but does not want to investigate or solve the cause of the problems, so I turned to acupuncture. I’m three months into treatment and I’m almost back to normal.

What’s causing the issue? Who knows – the doctor doesn’t care – or isn’t willing to spend the money to find out. I know it’s not a critical illness, but it is something that is persistent and very draining on me. It concerns me deeply that I don’t know the underlying cause – I’ve thought about changing doctor, but I’m not sure it’s going to be better elsewhere. So, I’ll stick with acupuncture for now.

This week I have a needle in my leg for the week. You can’t see it, I don’t feel it at all, but I know to massage at it at certain points to help. Acupuncture not only helps with certain ailments, it can help with all over well being. I used to think it was scary to have needles put into parts of my legs/arms etc. but now I look forward to it. I find it relaxing. In fact, there are many times, after a stressful week that I fall asleep as the needles are applied and only wake when they are removed again.

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