3BTs – Pinks, Gentle Surprise, Busy

  1. The satisfaction of planting Purple Pixies, Fatheads, Pinks, Blue Moons, and other flowering shrubs in my garden to make it look more colourful and smell more fragrant and hearing that I’ve planted some wonderful things (from someone older and wiser).
  2. Holding a four week old baby in my arms and seeing how gentle a five year old (normally a very boisterous little boy) reacts toward the tiny baby.
  3. Laughter, chitter-chatter of voices, and the satisfying hum generated by a house / garden full of people yesterday.


For various reasons I’ve been having acupuncture for a few years now. Initially I went once a week to get a particular health issue under control (this is after several varied attempts by the GP (drugs, surgery etc.) to rectify the problem) and for the most part it’s been fantastic. I say for the most part, because there are times when I don’t get to see the therapist and the old symptoms reappear…not as intense, but still there.

I recently had a disagreement with my doctor, who again wants me to take drugs to alleviate symptoms, but does not want to investigate or solve the cause of the problems, so I turned to acupuncture. I’m three months into treatment and I’m almost back to normal.

What’s causing the issue? Who knows – the doctor doesn’t care – or isn’t willing to spend the money to find out. I know it’s not a critical illness, but it is something that is persistent and very draining on me. It concerns me deeply that I don’t know the underlying cause – I’ve thought about changing doctor, but I’m not sure it’s going to be better elsewhere. So, I’ll stick with acupuncture for now.

This week I have a needle in my leg for the week. You can’t see it, I don’t feel it at all, but I know to massage at it at certain points to help. Acupuncture not only helps with certain ailments, it can help with all over well being. I used to think it was scary to have needles put into parts of my legs/arms etc. but now I look forward to it. I find it relaxing. In fact, there are many times, after a stressful week that I fall asleep as the needles are applied and only wake when they are removed again.