Sex and the City – Reviewed by…?

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day in the house (mainly due to a series of very late nights and BF having a bad cold). I ventured into the village and bought the Sunday papers – the Independent on Sunday (IoS) being the main one. I haven’t seen Sex and the City, the movie, yet, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s a girl thing…right? So, why did the IoS allow a man to review it? His words were empty and void of anything that hinted at a spark of interest in the film. He, it seems, was coerced into watching it against his will. He’s so anti-Sex and the City that it was a ridiculous read. It’s not a man’s film. The series was not aimed at men – so why let a man review it? Why do men bother watching if they know they are not interested? 

This morning (and for many days now) “The OC” (on Virgin Radio) has warned against men watching the film because “everytime a man watches it a little piece of him dies”. So, don’t go!! It’s easy as that. I loathe war films (ALL WAR FILMS), do I go to watch them? No – wouldn’t waste my money…so, if you don’t like the idea of Sex and the City, don’t waste yours. Let the rest of us go and enjoy it without listening to you “tutting” all the way through…

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