Tonight’s Double Class

I did back-to-back exercise classes at the gym. Possibly not the best move in the world, but I felt the need! The new Body Step routine is fabby. I did ok, didn’t fall off the step (lol) and managed to do the advanced moves most of the way through. Body Balance was another matter…warm up – fine, sun salutations…woa! Eek – lack of blood to the head and I was seeing black spots, feeling rather uncomfortably dizzy and light-headed. Yuck. Rather than make a fuss (or look like a wuss) I carried on (at my own pace) until the feeling passed. An hour later, lying on the floor, (relaxation time) made me wonder again about my exercise routines and whether I really should be doing extremes like that…???

No, I haven’t taken the blood pressure since I got home – food was the priority. I’m also not going to take it…I know that it’s going to be a mere 80/55 (or thereabouts). Eek. Where’s the water bottle?

Ah, on another note, I really love the Body Balance release we’re currently doing – no it’s not the latest one (Release 40) but Release 28. It’s just fab.

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