3bts – light, sunshine, buzz

1. Though it’s never great to chop a healthy tree down, today I had a tree taken down that was dangerously close to my house, my neighbour’s house and both houses bathroom windows. I discovered my bathroom is so much brighter now – and I’m glad I painted it white. It’s a light room.

2. Stepping out of the office at lunchtime to rush home (for the above tree issue) and finding the sunshine warm and bright. I’ve returned to the office feeling very sunny myself!

3. There’s a bit of a buzz going on today and it’s very different to the normal atmosphere at work. All very good and positive!

The Duchess in Hull

OK, so I’ve never really had an opinion on Sarah, or the way she’s handled things. For the most part I think the Royal family gets far too much scrutiny and criticism from everyone – some members of the family more than others. I sat down to watch the documentary about Sarah tackling obesity with an open mind.

The programmes themselves were well put together – very matter-of-fact, no rose-tinted view of how hard things can be for the family in question (and many other families in the UK) and no apologies either. Sarah was amazing. She came across as such a caring person, someone who wears her heart on her sleeve and most of all as one very determined lady. Her desire to aid a family in changing their habits in favour of a healthy lifestyle (emphasis on lifestyle, not on diet) is something I really admire and something I identify with. Her strength of character, her ability to put others at ease and to put her own experiences into such a public forum deserve nothing but praise.

I hope that other families in similar situations are able to learn from what the Sargersons went through, and how they are now living their lives. The gym memberships, the cooking lessons, the weight loss club and all the other things discussed in the programmes are available across the country, not just in Hull…something I think few of us are aware of.

Food for thought…

If you missed the episodes, you can catch up here:

Low Blood Pressure

So, I blogged about how my low blood pressure was making me feel wobbly. The wobbles lasted about a week in total. I don’t know what caused it, and I haven’t been able to find a distinct pattern to the feeling, but my blood pressure has stablized at around 85/53.

I went to Hi-Lo last night for the first time since the wobbly episodes and it was great! I was very tired after it, but when it got to bedtime, I was buzzing…oh well.

The bad news is the instructor has to give up the class because of a back problem and they can’t find anyone to do free-style hi-lo, so the class becomes “Body Combat”…not my thing at all… Eek. The challenge now is to find some other class for a Tuesday evening.