On golf…

and why it’s the most frustating game on earth!

First tee yesterday after work…picture the scene…audience of about six people watching from the clubhouse – I hit the ball cleanly and straight. Wow. Second shot and I’m on the edge of the bunker…it was all downhill from there.

Second tee – an iron shot and I’m just at side of the green…finish with a bogey.

Third tee – eek – rubbish all the way!

Fourth tee – bad, bad, bad

Fifth – repeat of fourth

Sixth – cracking tee shot with the trusty 5-wood straight down the fairway

Seventh – repeat of sixth but instead of straight down the fairway – I hit it out the back of the green

Eighth – really awful to the point where I take an “f-it” shot with a seven iron from the fairway and find the green…

Ninth – awful…I talked myself into hitting the same shot that one of my fellow players had just hit…

Will I give up? No, not a chance. I’ll be out there again as soon as possible.