A Little Word About Weddings…

I recently attended the wedding of a dear old friend and it was fantastic. Not just to see him happy and clearly enjoying life, but to catch up with some other old dear friends. Out of those of us from the same uni. I am the only one never to have tied the knot. This became a topic of conversation at some point during the evening…and whether I would marry so we could all get together again soon. My view is that it’s a shame that we become overtaken by life, forgetting to make those calls, send those emails, or to spend time catching up with old friends. No one is at fault, it’s just life. A wedding gives us time to catch up, spend time together and remember. Why can’t we just organise “events” that would get us together on a more frequent basis (well, anything more frequent than 10 years would be a good start).

I think I need to have a “not the wedding celebration” or something similar. I have no intention of getting married, but I do want to get everyone together again. Life moves on, people grow up and apart (In some cases), but there are some special relationships that stay special despite the obstacles, the miles, the years, the ups and the downs. I want to do what I can to preserve those relationships without “life” getting in the way.

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