Chronic Hypotension

So, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been suffering with the above…I know I have bouts of particularly low pressure, but recently it’s been persistently low. There’s probably a pattern to it, but I can’t quite get to the bottom of it. It usually doesn’t bother me too much – between BF and I we refer to it as “being wobbly” – I get up and stumble or I wobble on my legs a little after standing, but…recently…

1. Wobbling while sitting down…not good -BP 84/51

2. Wobbling while trying to tee off at the ninth (the boys were ready to catch me, even though I was determined to make the shot!) – BP not known (I was on a golf course)

3. Wobbling backwards trying to stand up – BP 88/54

4. Wobbling while playing Wii Sports – BP 103/58

What it has meant is that I’ve also not attempted Body Step or Body Attack – I don’t think I could actually cope with either… Today, I’m heading to the gym to try for a Body Step class – I’m not wobbly and I’ve been making sure I keep my water up…but I’m not sure how I’ll do! I will keep you posted…

Some people have suggested I take an iron supplement, others have muted that I don’t eat enough carbs, and some have suggested I do the wrong type of exercise…

Any suggestions…?

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