King Tut’s Exhibition in London

My parents are in town for a few days…just a few days. While they’ve been here we’ve had various outings and done lots of stuff including eating lots and lots.

One of our trips was to the O2 to see the Tutankhamun Exhibition. I’ve been to Egypt, to Cairo & Giza and I’ve been to the Egyptian museum, so I’ve seen the mask (which isn’t here) and I’ve seen a lot of the treasures before…but Mum hasn’t. She really wanted to see everything. I had heard the exhibition was a bit of a let down, but nothing prepared me for the disappointment we both felt.

The O2 is a fantastic venue. Having been previously for concerts, I had high expectations for the organisation, the layout, the way in which the exhibits would be displayed, but even the O2 failed to impress.

The over-crowding in the exhibition is terrible. You’re ushered into the first room with a large group to watch the intro film and then you pile into the second room and hey presto it’s still full of the previous people, plus everyone from your group. On the day we went it was full of school parties – which made the problem a thousand times worse. The exhibits, for the most part, are at a height so that kids can see – which means when there’s a party of kids in front of the exhibit, adults have no chance of seeing anything. Their teachers were brillant at keeping the kids moving, but when there are three school groups in one room it’s unmanageable. You would think the O2 would have organised things for school parties in a better way.

Most of the rooms are dedicated to Amenothep (Akhenaten) not King Tut – it’s only the final three rooms that contain his treasures. This too is a bit of a disappointment – the last three rooms contain some spectacular items, but even these do no make up for the overall unimpressive exhibit.

Would I go again? Certainly not. Would my mother go again, absolutely not.

Oh, and a word of warning for those of you with children – you can’t avoid the gift shop, but do try. It’s tacky and tasteless, but your kids with love it. Worst of all, it’s very expensive.