Wii Sports

How much fun?

I never thought a video game would get so many people up and laughing (or sweating) as this one does. We’ve played it with people as young as 5, right up to people into their 60s. It’s fantastic. Whether you’re tee’ing off for 9-holes or having a boxing match, it gets everyone’s attention.

Since we got the Wii we’ve been doing the Wii Fitness test that is part of the package…It’s turning out to be really funny. I can guess (more or less within a few numbers) what my “Wii Fitness Age” will be based on which sporting activities I get as part of the test. Is it really an indication of how fit a person is – nope, not in my view. It’s more an indication of how well you know how to play the games e.g. if I get baseball, I know it’s a disaster and my Wii Fitness age goes up into the 60s – if I get bowling, golf or tennis, I’m in the 20s. It’s really good fun though…

At the weekend BF and I played with his two sons (5 and 7 years) – they loved it…but, don’t get in the 7-year old’s way when he’s playing a game. He puts his whole body into hitting the ball, hitting his opponent or swinging to get a strike in bowling.

Interactive play on a video game? Bring it on! (And I’m not competitive!).

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