Two Phones, Now That Really is Overkill

Because of UK tax and a little bit of a complication with the way work want to do expenses, I now have two mobile phones. Yes, not one, but two. Just to complicate things further, both are the HTC TyTn ii model…One of them branded as an O2 Stellar, the other just HTC. I’ve had “mine” since Novmber and still love it, but the new one only a few weeks and already I’m seeing things that frustrate me about both! Two phones, two service providers and both on Windows Mobile…but there are differences between the two. Both service providers switch on/switch off/add/remove (whatever!) functions from the WM6 software on the phone and it’s really annoying. On one phone I get “last call” on the today screen on the other it’s not even an option. I get an active programs list on one that’s easy to access and use, on the other it’s a pain to find…etc. You get the picture.

Having two phones is not something I recommend. People close to me never know which number to dial to get hold of me, nor which number to text.

I have all calls forwarded to one phone to make things easier…but you can’t forward texts, can you…?

As for bluetooth in the car – well that’s a whole other nightmare. If anyone can recommend a bluetooth headset that is good in a softtop (i.e. does not pick up background noise), please please let me know (er, as long as it’s not one of those tiny little things that sit in your ear…yucko).

I’ve put some music onto the “new” phone, but I’m thinking two phones, an iPod Classic and a Shuffle in my bag all at once really is overkill!


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