3bts – invitations, dinner party, memories

1. Getting a dinner invitation from people we don’t see too often and looking forward to catching up after a long time.

2. A dinner party with friends flew by really quickly – we had so much to catch up on, talk about and to laugh about. The evening was over in a flash, but the enjoyment, fun and laugher lasted longer.

3. An old friend just moved back to the UK. We’re catching up more regularly now, remembering our past antics and looking forward to creating new memories.


I have had a few conversations lately about choices and the routes our lives take. It started with a conversation with my sister after she ran into my “first” boyfriend recently at a party near our home in Scotland. During the conversation “he” asked what I was up to – so Sis told him a little about my life and what I’ve done (without going into too much detail). Sis could see that “he” was not so willing to talk about his life and seemed disappointed with his lot in life.

As I explained, I made my choices and my life is what it is as a result of my decisions. I can’t say it was down to anyone else and I don’t regret the choices I made. Am I 100% happy with my life, nope. Show me someone that is!!!?? We can always find something to improve or to change…all of us, right? So, if someone is unhappy with their lot in life, with their choices from being at school, to leaving for a first job, further education or even down to whether a relationship is the best thing or not – they need to make the very best of their life and the choices in front of them.

You wake up every day and you have choices. It’s up to you to choose your path. It’s up to you to change things, if you’re not happy. I was unhappy for years – I just didn’t know why. When I realised what was wrong, I started making small changes to get me away from the unhappiness. It took a long time (and a hell of a lot of changes/choices), but I did it. I only have me to blame for wasting time, but I also have me to thank for realising what I needed to do to change things.

Someone said to me recently “I haven’t done as well in life as you, because I didn’t have your advantages”. I was floored by this, I’m not from a wealthy background, nor did I have a privileged upbringing. So, what advantages did I have? I’m still trying to understand this. Everyone has the same opportunities to progress in education and into a career these days – it’s up to you what you make of them. Stop trying to blame everyone else – or look for any reason so that you’re not responsible. Change how you feel, make a move now! You can do it.

First golf of the year

Yes indeed, the first week of March saw me venture to the range with one of my colleagues. It was cold, but not quite as cold as four months ago, which was the last time I ventured to the range. At first, it was awful. The hole thing felt wrong – grip, feet, clubs. I did my usual “warm-up” routine, followed by a working up through the clubs from a wedge…by the time i got to a 7 iron, I was ready to go home with more lefties than I care to remember…but then, I decided to try the trusty 5 wood and hey presto – long and straight! Yay. 3 – wood – yes, long and straight! Back down the clubs to the trusty 7 iron and nothing. Does this mean I am to go through another season relying on my trusty woods? I hope not! It was only the first time out, after all. 🙂

Yesterday and today I have felt the reason why I was so rubbish – I was obviously tensing up and trying “too hard” to hit the ball, rather than swinging through it. My arms, wrists, ribs and shoulders are sore. Not to be blamed on the gym on Friday evening as i purposely didn’t do ANY upper body weights.

The trick now will be to get out and play before I become too “range comfortable” – ah yes, now we just need the weather to play ball.

3bts – little gem, time check, sleep

1. Being invited out to dinner to a local Italian restaurant and finding it’s a lovely little gem. I’m not a big fan of “British” Italian food, so this was a lovely find…good food, authentic, great atmosphere (live music) and good company.

2. I ran last night, my second attempt since the tendon problems and in a timecheck for 3k I did well. To say I’ve been doing other exercise to “nurse” the injury, my 3K was much better than expected. I’ve a long way to go to get back to former times, but I’m happy in the mean time.

3. Unexpectedly sleeping until 9.15 this morning – impressive for me.

The great pc debate (cont)

I did it. I bit the bullet and bought a new PC. It’s not the most expensive PC out there – but it’s not the slowest either. I ordered it online on Sunday evening and it turned up on Wednesday…Wow. Plugged it in, added some other software and hey presto it’s up and running. It even found the network ok.

Now, I have no excuse not to get the photo editing software up and running so I can share some of my hobby with you.

I’m looking forward to it not crashing every two mins…or being slow. Even yesterday, loading up my photo library into Elements, it was super fast. I have almost a terabyte (sp?) of storage…which is just amazing when you consider my first job… I had the fastest PC in the building with 8mb RAM and a 30mb Hard Disk…lol. Or at uni when I had one disk to boot the PC and another to store files on…

The laptop will be passed onto another home for the time being…until it passes into that big grey computer graveyard somewhere in the world…

P.S. B/F also manage to fix my email problems – now I can receive AND send email from my PC at home!

Sister comes to town

Yep, my wee sis was here for a few days. It was great to spend time with her, laughing joking, eating, drinking, singing and generally doing things that sisters do. We shopped until my feet hurt too much. And we laughed about growing up in the wilds of Scotland and about how different our lives are. She’s quite a bit younger than me, and we have different views on life – but when you scratch away at the surface the commonalities between us are there.

We both have a rather eclectic taste in music…
We both share a love of singing loudly and not caring…
We both like the alternatives to conventional medicine…
We both enjoy Stolli…
We’re both passionate about families and friends and what that means…

But, there are differences too. I live in a town – in the South East. My sister finds the pace of life here too “cut throat and ruthless”. People are unkind, rude and too hurried. The environment here does suit her. I can understand. We come from the wilds of northern Scotland. We grew up never locking the door, parking cars and leaving the keys inside, leaving money for groceries and milk at the end of the drive, ski-ing to the school bus in winter, never closing the curtains and knowing what it’s like to go for a long walk at night and be totally safe.

I’ve often joked about going back. But could I really?