Dads and birthdays…

It’s Dad’s birthday this week and it’s causing a bit of an issue. My dad is difficult to buy a present for. He doesn’t want socks, cigars or a pipe and slippers. He doesn’t want any books, as he’s still ploughing his way through those he got for Christmas. DVD’s he has plenty to watch and a nice library to chose from. I bought him a DVD recorder for Christmas which is still in the box, as he couldn’t get it to record(!) and he’s got a garage full of every diy tool and gadget imaginable. He’s not into iPods, phones or other electronic gizmos, with the exception of his video camera (but that was the Christmas before last)…so what’s left? I asked Mum and she said “B & Q” vouchers will make him happy…


I need someone to invent a gift shop where you can search by “got everything, going deaf, technophobe, interests are…” – i.e. multiple categories.
I know there are sites out there that do this…such as but, I can’t seem to find anything suitable for my dear old Dad.

If you google “gifts for someone who has everything” – there are some surprising results…some of which I wouldn’t ever be able to buy for my Dad!!!
One recommendation said “organise a trip ice-skating” – lol. I’d love to see it, but I don’t think so somehow.

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