Snow is falling…

…all over the UK, but it’s not “heavy snow in the South East” as was promised by a certain weather person on “Breakfast” for the past few days. My parents have lots of snow, relatives in Yorkshire have had a decent amount of snow and we’re just not getting what was promised. Oh well.

The snow has been steadily falling, but it’s not what I can heavy snow. Not by a long shot. Heavy snow is the kind that causes “white-out” conditions, buries cars in dirfts and causes roads to block. Here in the land of Southern softies (of which, it appears, I am one), heavy snow means flurries of medium sized flakes that can do no harm (unless you’re a useless driver and use the falling snow as an excuse to tip-toe along…).

Easter weekend has been wet and without the snowman for the garden as originally promised 😦

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