Giving in to cravings

Right or wrong?
For several days now, i’ve had a thing about carrot cake – no, not those little slices from WW… What I’m after is a big slice of gooey, sweet, sticky, yummyness. I’ve debated about this for days – as in “do I, don’t I” – because I know it won’t go away. so, the dilemma is do I bake a carrot cake (Jo’s recipe – all the way from NZ and in my recipe folder for nearly 20 years!) or do I buy just one piece to satisfy the craving?

I bought a piece – just one. I wanted it to be just like Jo’s recipe – sticky, gooey, yummy, with just the right amount of cinnamon, just the right amount of fruit, but lots of carrots and for the icing to not be too sweet. But, it was everything I despise about shop bought carrot cake…dry, icing too sweet, tasteless and very “cakey”… I am disappointed. But, know that next time I crave something this bad (it really doesn’t happen often), I shall bake it myself and take the other 9 pieces to the office after I’ve had just the one 😉

I guess the lesson for me is: you know cakes baked by shops are yucky, unless they are baked fresh and on the premises, so don’t do it again! (I learned the lesson with Tirami Su…now, it’s carrot cake!).

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