So, for the long weekend my boss asked me to think about new and exciting ways to do more lead generation for our company. It’s Easter Monday today and so far, I’ve not given work a single thought, until now. When I think about the conversation I had with him, I’m left feeling more than a little demotivated. It went along these lines:

“I don’t think telemarketing is the answer, not if it’s the sole marketing discipline we use. Look at the stats so far…” (that was me, sounding like a stuck record).
“Yes, but we’re not going to win any arguments with the CEO as he doesn’t see marketing as anything other than lead gen.”

So, why does my boss stay? (If you’re asking why I’m still here, call me/email me, I’ll tell you).
If not even he can win the argument with the CEO – then surely – there’s no argument at all?

Who was it that said “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always always get what you always got…”
Hmmm…maybe I’ll have that written on the whiteboard when he arrives tomorrow?

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