So, for the long weekend my boss asked me to think about new and exciting ways to do more lead generation for our company. It’s Easter Monday today and so far, I’ve not given work a single thought, until now. When I think about the conversation I had with him, I’m left feeling more than a little demotivated. It went along these lines:

“I don’t think telemarketing is the answer, not if it’s the sole marketing discipline we use. Look at the stats so far…” (that was me, sounding like a stuck record).
“Yes, but we’re not going to win any arguments with the CEO as he doesn’t see marketing as anything other than lead gen.”

So, why does my boss stay? (If you’re asking why I’m still here, call me/email me, I’ll tell you).
If not even he can win the argument with the CEO – then surely – there’s no argument at all?

Who was it that said “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always always get what you always got…”
Hmmm…maybe I’ll have that written on the whiteboard when he arrives tomorrow?

Queen, Jamie Moses and Spike Edney

Last year I had the good fortune to see both Queen (well, Brian May, and Roger Taylor) and the World Famous Red Sox in concert albeit seperately. (OK, so Queen played as part of a special tribute to Freddie Mercury at what would have been his 60th birthday – at the We Will Rock You musical). Both were fantastic, unbelievable and thoroughly enjoyable. So, this year, not only will we be going to see the World Famous Red Sox in concert again, but we’ll be seeing Jamie and Spike on stage with Queen and Paul Rodgers later in the year. Tickets are not yet on sale, but I’m hopeful one of us will be able to get hold of tickets. Can’t wait!

Snow is falling…

…all over the UK, but it’s not “heavy snow in the South East” as was promised by a certain weather person on “Breakfast” for the past few days. My parents have lots of snow, relatives in Yorkshire have had a decent amount of snow and we’re just not getting what was promised. Oh well.

The snow has been steadily falling, but it’s not what I can heavy snow. Not by a long shot. Heavy snow is the kind that causes “white-out” conditions, buries cars in dirfts and causes roads to block. Here in the land of Southern softies (of which, it appears, I am one), heavy snow means flurries of medium sized flakes that can do no harm (unless you’re a useless driver and use the falling snow as an excuse to tip-toe along…).

Easter weekend has been wet and without the snowman for the garden as originally promised 😦

Giving in to cravings

Right or wrong?
For several days now, i’ve had a thing about carrot cake – no, not those little slices from WW… What I’m after is a big slice of gooey, sweet, sticky, yummyness. I’ve debated about this for days – as in “do I, don’t I” – because I know it won’t go away. so, the dilemma is do I bake a carrot cake (Jo’s recipe – all the way from NZ and in my recipe folder for nearly 20 years!) or do I buy just one piece to satisfy the craving?

I bought a piece – just one. I wanted it to be just like Jo’s recipe – sticky, gooey, yummy, with just the right amount of cinnamon, just the right amount of fruit, but lots of carrots and for the icing to not be too sweet. But, it was everything I despise about shop bought carrot cake…dry, icing too sweet, tasteless and very “cakey”… I am disappointed. But, know that next time I crave something this bad (it really doesn’t happen often), I shall bake it myself and take the other 9 pieces to the office after I’ve had just the one 😉

I guess the lesson for me is: you know cakes baked by shops are yucky, unless they are baked fresh and on the premises, so don’t do it again! (I learned the lesson with Tirami Su…now, it’s carrot cake!).