First golf of the year

Yes indeed, the first week of March saw me venture to the range with one of my colleagues. It was cold, but not quite as cold as four months ago, which was the last time I ventured to the range. At first, it was awful. The hole thing felt wrong – grip, feet, clubs. I did my usual “warm-up” routine, followed by a working up through the clubs from a wedge…by the time i got to a 7 iron, I was ready to go home with more lefties than I care to remember…but then, I decided to try the trusty 5 wood and hey presto – long and straight! Yay. 3 – wood – yes, long and straight! Back down the clubs to the trusty 7 iron and nothing. Does this mean I am to go through another season relying on my trusty woods? I hope not! It was only the first time out, after all. 🙂

Yesterday and today I have felt the reason why I was so rubbish – I was obviously tensing up and trying “too hard” to hit the ball, rather than swinging through it. My arms, wrists, ribs and shoulders are sore. Not to be blamed on the gym on Friday evening as i purposely didn’t do ANY upper body weights.

The trick now will be to get out and play before I become too “range comfortable” – ah yes, now we just need the weather to play ball.


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