The great pc debate (cont)

I did it. I bit the bullet and bought a new PC. It’s not the most expensive PC out there – but it’s not the slowest either. I ordered it online on Sunday evening and it turned up on Wednesday…Wow. Plugged it in, added some other software and hey presto it’s up and running. It even found the network ok.

Now, I have no excuse not to get the photo editing software up and running so I can share some of my hobby with you.

I’m looking forward to it not crashing every two mins…or being slow. Even yesterday, loading up my photo library into Elements, it was super fast. I have almost a terabyte (sp?) of storage…which is just amazing when you consider my first job… I had the fastest PC in the building with 8mb RAM and a 30mb Hard Disk…lol. Or at uni when I had one disk to boot the PC and another to store files on…

The laptop will be passed onto another home for the time being…until it passes into that big grey computer graveyard somewhere in the world…

P.S. B/F also manage to fix my email problems – now I can receive AND send email from my PC at home!


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