Sister comes to town

Yep, my wee sis was here for a few days. It was great to spend time with her, laughing joking, eating, drinking, singing and generally doing things that sisters do. We shopped until my feet hurt too much. And we laughed about growing up in the wilds of Scotland and about how different our lives are. She’s quite a bit younger than me, and we have different views on life – but when you scratch away at the surface the commonalities between us are there.

We both have a rather eclectic taste in music…
We both share a love of singing loudly and not caring…
We both like the alternatives to conventional medicine…
We both enjoy Stolli…
We’re both passionate about families and friends and what that means…

But, there are differences too. I live in a town – in the South East. My sister finds the pace of life here too “cut throat and ruthless”. People are unkind, rude and too hurried. The environment here does suit her. I can understand. We come from the wilds of northern Scotland. We grew up never locking the door, parking cars and leaving the keys inside, leaving money for groceries and milk at the end of the drive, ski-ing to the school bus in winter, never closing the curtains and knowing what it’s like to go for a long walk at night and be totally safe.

I’ve often joked about going back. But could I really?

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