Valentine’s Day – Oh, The Drama…

I don’t celebrate this “holiday” as our US friends call it. It’s just an excuse for retailers to cash in, yet again. There’s so much hype and gloss around the day. My boyfriend hates it…I’m sure you’ll read many people’s blogs saying the same. The question is, why do we fall into the retail trap?

When I was a kid Valentine’s Day was about writing poems and sending them in a card that you made (not bought) to someone you liked in school. That was it. No presents, no reminders every day for a week (from Tiffany that there’s still time to shop for that all important gift!) – or – reminders from Tesco (what? why on earth?). I’ve seen it written somewhere that people need to get back to basics and spread their “love” on this day…but why only on this day? Why wait?

I don’t see my parents, grandparents or sister nearly as often as I’d like, but every time I speak to them I tell them how much I love them. If I waited to just this one day a year it would be cruel. Don’t let Valentines Day dictate to you how and when you should show love, affection or to tell people how much you love them.

There is a flip-side to this – for those people who don’t get a lot of love or respect in their relationships…if Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that their kids, husbands or wives remember to say “I love you” – it’s a good thing. Let’s just stop bowing down to the retailers next piece of spam…

3bts – bunch, just the one, feedback

1. A lovely bunch of grapes, sweet and crunchy, on my desk to snack on during the day.

2. I’m proud that I’m managing to stick to the one bin bag per week limit I set myself. I recycle, I compost, I have a milkman. It’s working.

3. I got some feedback about something really important to me and it’s been really positive. I’m looking forward now to moving on.

Aaargh Injury

Gyming last night I felt “something go” in my ankle during a particularly long session of “jumping jacks” (remember those…?). It’s painful today. It’s the ankle. It could be the achilles, but I don’t know. I set off for work this morning with the good intention of going back to the gym tonight and I’m sorry to say, I’m now cancelling. I ought to rest it. It pains me to say that. It distresses me no end that I’m not exercising again this week.

So, for you sceptics out there – yes, I am giving in and listening to my “body”. (ooh, get me ;-))

Volunteer, break, new career?

I got some news last night that someone from our PR agency is leaving work following a “life-changing” experience. At first I was a little bit stunned by the news, more from a professional point of view than anything else, until I read up on one of the things this person has been involved in.

I’ve read all about it today…and it’s raised questions in my mind. I’ve done volunteer work before and found it rewarding (during a year break from work) – but a complete new career based on a worthy cause…that’s something else.

Food for thought…

Anyone for darts?

Saturday night we went to an impromptu Birthday party at a friend’s house. We ate, drank, chatted and then played darts… It was such a laugh. I spent this morning trying to work out where, if anywhere I could put a dart board in my house… It’s not going to happen, but it’s a nice idea! Maybe one day when I get a different house…

I remember as a kid we had a dart board in the garage…I played a lot as a child – both at home and in the pub that my parents had a share in.

Good fun!

We also played Singstar – two of our party get very competitive with one another. It’s very funny to see such mild mannered people become so aggressive over a game…!

3bts – for a change, Oyster Bay, pressies

1. At lunch time today we went to M & S, just for a change and just because we can. It was a quick trip there and back and I enjoyed my yummy salad!

2. Oyster Bay chardonnay is very drinkable… Not being a fan of chardonnay, I was most distressed at having a half case of this stuff lying around the house. Last night we opened a bottle to “try” and between us, drank the bottle. Nods of approval around the room…

3. An early birthday present yesterday. Lovely to unpack the boxes and put everything in the rightful places…even if only for a short time until I rearrange.

WW Update

Thursday today – so its WI (er, Weigh In day, rather than Women’s Institute ;-)) day. I’ve lost 3lb in two weeks, and today I’m hoping to see another good loss on my card. I’m still exercising as often – and being disciplined about points etc. On the Core plan, I’m tracking, which I know most people see as “pointless” (pardon the pun), but I find it really does help focus the mind. I’ve even going to the extent of working out total points used, total bonus points earned, total points left at the end of the week and seeing if there’s a connection between them in relation to the weight loss I get…

We shall see!

I Feel Old

This morning I got a letter from my university Alumni association inviting me to a reunion in summer. With lots of activities planned and the chance to go back and see how the university has changed over the years, it’s an interesting prospect…but, then I thought about it and what it actually means. 20 years ago in September I started my first semester at university. 20 years ago!! OMG.

I remember walking into the halls on the first day, discovering that I was in the only hall of residence dedicated to segregated living arrangements…that my parents thought they needed to make friends for me…that my mum was heartbroken I was leaving home, despite telling me for years to go out and be independent…that I really didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my education…and that I was surrounded by a lot of young people who just wanted to get drunk a lot.

The really good thing is that 20 years on, I’m still in touch with a lot of the people I met at uni – even some of those I met on the first day. Some of them, I don’t see very often, but still count as “true” friends. The memories from the uni years are priceless, but do I want to go back without the people I call friends?

Not sure…

One of my uni friends is getting married this Summer – I’m sure there’s an opportunity to catch up with other alumni at his wedding. We’re all “growing up” slowly but surely…weddings, kids, (divorce/splits) – we’re a different group now, but there’s something that links us all…

The PC Debate

I have a laptop for work, not too long ago I stopped taking it home every evening. The main reasons for this are to do with the amount of time we spend doing work stuff in the evening dominating the agenda… I do have a laptop at home though – my trusty, old, wreck of a thing. It’s an old Dell, a very small laptop – think it was called an X300, or something, very light, and cool to use. I’ve had it forever, or so it seems. It’s been rebuilt more times than I care to remember…and recently, as I’ve been doing more stuff with the camera, Photoshop and other stuff, I’ve noticed a lack of performance…

So, do I replace it now, before it dies? Or do I replace it once it’s gone to the big computer graveyard (aka the dump)…?
And, if I replace it, what on earth do I buy? I want something with a decent amount of memory to be able to do the Photo stuff. I don’t want anything intrusive or ugly, and I want a big screen this time (not 15″ TFT which is what I have now). I’d like a Mac… 🙂 But, I dont’ think I can actually justify it. And, I have PC software sitting on my bookshelf – I’d have to start from scratch.  I would also like a laptop, but that’s a silly notion if I’m going to do more stuff with the photography…

Do I go for a Dell? An HP? Acer? Mesh? What’s the best deal at the moment? With a million and one deals out there – changing every day – it’s difficult to know what to do. For now, I’ll keep looking and listening when people tell me what they think. And, maybe I’ll take the plunge…

Fat Cat

So, with the cats on reduced amounts of food for some time to reduce their weights…the news is “she” lost half a kilo and “he” gained half a kilo. The Fat Cat got fatter and the Skinny cat got skinnier. How on earth do you put two cats in the same house on a diet successfully without one of them just eating the other cat’s food?

“She” is ok – but skinny – and needs dental food from now she is getting older. “He” is ok, just fat and needs to be on light food – he needs to lose a kilo.
You put dental food down for her and light for him – he eats the dental food and leaves the light. You feed them in seperate rooms and they don’t eat. I have already cut them down to one pouch between them and stopped the neighbour feeding him…

I’m going to have to rename him to “Bagpuss – saggy old cloth cat” if he doens’t stop getting fat!