As my birthday approaches

I find myself wondering about various things in life. Tomorrow I’m another year older, but am I wiser?
Did I do anything worthwhile in the past year?
Have I achieved anything on a personal or professional level?
Did anything change?

I have a tendency to over-analyse stuff like this, but I always think birthdays make me reflect on the past year.
It can be both a good thing and a bad thing 😉

Tomorrow, I’m working – the second year in a row that I’m working on a birthday. It goes against the grain…but I need my days off for other “activities” and pressing engagements! So, I’ll work. I’ll be here. There will be 3/4 of us in the office – so I’ll bring cake/pastries or muffins or something. Then it’s a pretty normal day at the office followed by WW in the evening and hopefully a glass of something cold and bubbly after that!

Maybe it’s the age I’m approaching or maybe it’s a sign of the times, but I want to go out somewhere nice to eat that has great music, possibly a band, where you can also dance…(you know like the bar in Ally McBeal?). The closest we have around here is a Jazz Club ( – which is pretty good – but it’s usually sold out and the food in the past has been hit and miss. (The bands are fantastic though…). The next option for dancing (and drinking) is a club…and…well, let’s just say that I’m not really a fan of any of the local clubs! A gap in the market perhaps??? 

3bts – burnt orange sky, gothic, the right thing

1. Walking out of the office yesterday and seeing an amazing sunset as I round the corner. The sky is an wonderful shade of burnt orange. It’s quite a sight.

2. Giggling with a friend on the phone and at the same time sending links via Messenger about what qualifies as “gothic” these days. How things change.

3. Being told that I’ve had this very same injury before and that I’m doing the right thing to “mend”. I need to rest more, but also keep up with the support for a bit longer.

3bts – decoration, old/new music, welcome home

1. I feel very pleased with myself for decorating the kitchen. Waking up to a brighter kitchen is much, much better. I started the utility room, but need to do a bit more prep work before doing any more.

2. Using my new CD player to play old CDs that I’d forgotten about. The new speakers are starting to run in nicely…the sound is so much better than my old stereo.

3. B/F has been away for the weekend – it was good to see him again yesterday, to chat and catch up on news, happenings, and the antics over the weekend.

Valentine’s Day – Oh, The Drama…

I don’t celebrate this “holiday” as our US friends call it. It’s just an excuse for retailers to cash in, yet again. There’s so much hype and gloss around the day. My boyfriend hates it…I’m sure you’ll read many people’s blogs saying the same. The question is, why do we fall into the retail trap?

When I was a kid Valentine’s Day was about writing poems and sending them in a card that you made (not bought) to someone you liked in school. That was it. No presents, no reminders every day for a week (from Tiffany that there’s still time to shop for that all important gift!) – or – reminders from Tesco (what? why on earth?). I’ve seen it written somewhere that people need to get back to basics and spread their “love” on this day…but why only on this day? Why wait?

I don’t see my parents, grandparents or sister nearly as often as I’d like, but every time I speak to them I tell them how much I love them. If I waited to just this one day a year it would be cruel. Don’t let Valentines Day dictate to you how and when you should show love, affection or to tell people how much you love them.

There is a flip-side to this – for those people who don’t get a lot of love or respect in their relationships…if Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that their kids, husbands or wives remember to say “I love you” – it’s a good thing. Let’s just stop bowing down to the retailers next piece of spam…

3bts – bunch, just the one, feedback

1. A lovely bunch of grapes, sweet and crunchy, on my desk to snack on during the day.

2. I’m proud that I’m managing to stick to the one bin bag per week limit I set myself. I recycle, I compost, I have a milkman. It’s working.

3. I got some feedback about something really important to me and it’s been really positive. I’m looking forward now to moving on.

Aaargh Injury

Gyming last night I felt “something go” in my ankle during a particularly long session of “jumping jacks” (remember those…?). It’s painful today. It’s the ankle. It could be the achilles, but I don’t know. I set off for work this morning with the good intention of going back to the gym tonight and I’m sorry to say, I’m now cancelling. I ought to rest it. It pains me to say that. It distresses me no end that I’m not exercising again this week.

So, for you sceptics out there – yes, I am giving in and listening to my “body”. (ooh, get me ;-))

Volunteer, break, new career?

I got some news last night that someone from our PR agency is leaving work following a “life-changing” experience. At first I was a little bit stunned by the news, more from a professional point of view than anything else, until I read up on one of the things this person has been involved in.

I’ve read all about it today…and it’s raised questions in my mind. I’ve done volunteer work before and found it rewarding (during a year break from work) – but a complete new career based on a worthy cause…that’s something else.

Food for thought…