Dentist update

So, everyone knows that NHS dentists are few and far between…and I’ve spoken to a few people today who just don’t go [to any dentist] because private dentists cost too much…how do we get treatment without having to sell a kidney to pay for it?

Years ago I had dental insurance – but no longer. The company I was with sold off their business and then it seemed to just die off. For those that have dental – it’s often limited in what it covers. I’m now curious about whether it would be worth it…

Today I had my tooth fixed – a fix that may or may not last. The dentist can give me no assurances – as there is an underlying problem that needs to be fixed. The problem exists as a result of some shoddy dentist work when I was at school (!)… What are my options?
1) Keep having those bottom teeth fixed everytime the chips happen
2) More drastic – braces for two years and then implants.

The price tag for the drastic fix is nearly £10,000. The other fix is £150 a pop.

As I said yesterday, it’s the pricing that hurts.

I now have to think long and hard about that and where I would find that kind of money.