One bad thing that happened this weekend is that I broke a tooth. Not just a small unobvious chip (which I so regularly do), but a chunk. From my front teeth. Gone. What’s left behind is a jaggedy, raggedy edge which my tongue seeks out at every moment! Aaaaaaaargh, horrible. Of course, it’s the weekend, so I can’t just go visit the dentist…I have to wait.

Thankfully, I like my dentist. She’s great. I’ve been with her practice for about 8 years. She doesn’t scare me. Going to the dentist doesn’t scare me. It’s just the price that scares me!

So, tomorrow, I’ll call Maggie and Becca for an appointment. When I get the appointment, I fully expect Becca to tell me that I need a set of veneers for my chipped and broken bottom teeth.

Ouch – my wallet hurts, not my teeth.

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