Use of the English language

I’m not the most eloquent person in the world. I don’t claim to be an expert on the English language or its grammar, but I know when something is wrong. Here’s an example of “type and click” emailing and why we should all review what we’ve written in the context of who we are writing to, and what the objective of the email is*

‘Good morning to you – I just wanted to advise you with regards a meeting that Bob and I had yesterday with James. James is currently dealing with John Doe at Simpleton with regards your SuperDuper application and we met on the back of some earlier conversations we had last year. The company that James works for also has SmallTalk expertise and I thought that it may be advantageous for you to meet with him when he is next in YourVille such that he may be able to assist you in the project that you currently have on the go.’

It’s just wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Knowing it went to a customer….aaaaaaaaaaaargh!
*Names were changed to protect the innocent 😉

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